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Painted walkways in warehouses and factories, whilst having their uses are prone to a few problems. Downtime can become quite costly in terms of time, due to having to first paint lines or walkways, wait for it to dry, then painting the signage you want on top. Our instant ToughMark system provides the ideal

solution where downtime is kept to a minimum.

ToughMark is a complete floor marking system, with a range of products designed to encompass as many floor marking components as possible for warehouses, factories, assembly areas and many more.

What ToughMark can offer?

• A top laminated surface which allows for clear and vibrant print that will not scratch off.

• Easy to apply with little or no downtime

• No fumes or solvents given off, making it ideal for areas with strict hygiene standards.

With ToughMark, more than just simple lines are possible. You can also apply a range of visual aids in your optimised layout to ensure that your premises is clean and efficient, and can easily stay that way.

Key Benefits:

• Provides durable, highly visible results

• Long Lasting

• Fast and simple to install – simply peel off the backing and lay directly onto the substrate.

• No curing or waiting time

• All Lines and Markers can be trafficked instantly

• Can be installed in occupied areas with ease

• Flexible – Easily uplifted and removed if damaged or move of premises