EFSINT04 – 7mm Thick – ESD Tiles

Our ESD or Conductive floor tiles have been designed to dissipate static and have been manufactured for use where static prevention is required to protect persons or components. The surface resistance of the tiles falls between 102 ohm/m2 and 1011 ohm/m2 (dependent on the type of tile you choose).

To ensure you correctly maintain the properties of ESD floors, we recommend you purchasing and installing our grounding kit and following the recommended schedule when cleaning the ESD floor with the Elimistat® ESD Floor Cleaner. In addition, the tiles will create a safe conductive floor surface that can be used as your primary ground.


  • Injection moulded PVC with smooth textured surface


  • Electronic manufacturing and assembly
  • Server rooms
  • Telecommunications
  • Military and defence


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